Translating The Ninja Crusade to Italian and French!

The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition, a 2017 ENnie Award Judges Spotlight Winner, has a current crowdfunding campaign to translate the game into French and Italian. Written by Eloy Lasanta and associates, the Ninja Crusade RPG throws players into the action as ninja working together in an uneasy alliance against the Izou Empire who seeks to eradicate them. Released in 2016, the 2nd Edition advances the timeline of the brutal crusade against the ninja clans with indications that the final battle is nigh.

Alephtar Games, based in Italy, is working with Third Eye Games to translate, publish, and distribute the RPG to oversea markets, and the current funding campaign through Ulule is just the first step! Third Eye Games is excited to partner with Alephtar Games on this project and looks forward to adding more ninja to our ranks! 

As of this writing, the campaign is two-thirds funded with 12 days remaining. To support or view this crowdfunding campaign go to: