Third Eye Games Joins Bits-and-Mortar

For those that don’t know, there is a Bits and Mortar movement among many publishers of indie RPGs where customers that buy the physical books (even if they buy it in their FLGS) also receive a free digital copy of the game as well. This not only eliminates the need for fans to purchase both the print and digital copies separately, but also makes purchasing from local gaming shops more convenient for those that like PDFs as well. Now, Third Eye Games is joining the ranks of the other awesome publishers that are behind this new way of thinking, including Evil Hat and Cubicle 7.

What does this mean for Third Eye Games Fans!

Starting August 1, 2011, physical copies of a Third Eye Games books purchased gains the customer the option to download the PDF for free. PDF copies can still be purchased normally, usually for half the price of the print copy. This doesn’t apply to some items that are PDF-only (Like adventures or Demon packs) or are a limited PoD book (like API Anthology: Volume 1).

  • 3EG Online Store – Our online store is already set up to deliver you this awesome opportunity. You’ll notice that the PDF-only items are marked (PDF).
  • – There are currently only a few books on DriveThruRPG that you can buy the print copy (Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade and API Worldwide: Europe if i recall). These will be set up to give the PDF for free if you buy the physical copy. The other items will likely be added soon, but you can purchase from the 3EG online store until then.
  • Studio 2 Publishing – We’ll be getting our sales set up there soon, but it will simply mirror the 3EG Online store.
  • Conventions – Yes! That also means that buying a Third Eye Games book at a con still counts! If you’re attending an event that Eloy Lasanta is physically at, he’ll likely just take down your e-mail and send it to you. If buying it from another convention, you can simply e-mail a picture of yourself with the book and with the receipt and he’ll send the PDF to you.
  • Your Local Gaming Shop – If you buy from a store that is a member of Bits-and Mortar, the shop owner can burn you a CD, load the PDF to a thumb drive or just e-mail it to you. The point is to make it as easy as possible, right? If your FLGS isn’t a member of Bits-and-Mortar… there’s no reason for it! Send them to and they can enhance the value of every purchase for all the fans. In that case, you can simply e-mail a picture of yourself with the book and with the receipt and Eloy will send the PDF to you.

Until next time.