Third Eye Games at GenCon 2013

If you’re interested in what Third Eye Games has in store for GenCon 2013, then you’re in luck… cause I’m about to tell you!

GenCon Booth

We are going to be at Booth 619, adjacent to the Studio 2 Publishing booth, as always. We’re trying out a new booth setup and have some great new products that we’re bringing with us: Camp Myth: The RPG, Wu Xing: Truth and Lies and Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.- Savage Worlds Edition. We’ll have plenty of our previous titles there too, of course!


We’re running the following games this year:

RPG1350605 – Part-Time Gods – Thurs – Noon – Room JW : 312 : 3

RPG1350608 – Storm Battalion Demo – Thurs – 4pm – Room JW : 312 : 3

RPG1350606 – Camp Myth: The RPG – Fri – Noon – Room Marriott : Marriott Blrm 7 : 5


I’m on panels at GenCon for the first time, which should be pretty damn awesome! Come on out and listen to me throw words at you!

SEM1345483 – Getting Started in the Industry: Freelancing and Self-Publishing – Thurs 2pm – Room Crowne Plaza : Grand Central Bllrm C

SEM1341367 – Introduction to Independent RPGs – Sat 1pm – Room Crowne Plaza : Grand Central Bllrm D

ENnie Awards

Though I’ve gone to the ENnie Awards every year I’ve attended GenCon, this is the first year I’m nominated! Mermaid Adventures was graced with a nomination for Best Family Game. So, if you want to come up and give me some luck, please feel free. The ENnies are going on at 8pm at the Union Station Grand Hall.

Until next time!