Switching Gears (Sinister RPG)

So I’ve been working in and contemplating how Sinister will look in its final version, writing material and trying to figure out the best way to portray the setting and game I’m attempting to create. In a previous post about Attributes and how I was planning on keeping mostly intact from previous versions of the DGS, but I’ve come to some new conclusions.


Focusing on the trainer as a complete being means they can exist without their monsters which. Defeats the purpose. This turns the monsters into just another weapon to equip or a piece of armor to don, instead of fully-realized characters in their own right.

Both the trainer and the monster must be needed to make a whole. I’ve talked a lot about how the trainers are weak and they need the monsters to be strong. My mechanics thus far , however, didn’t serve that premise very well. So I’m going to toying around with the idea of the trainer being all the brains and the monster being all the muscle with their relationship being what connects the two.

Ill be posting progress here soon. Wish me luck! And I’d love to hear any thoughts you have in this.

Until next time.