Strep Monster!!!

Strep sucks, yes, but I just realized that this is a highly untapped market of potential for monster creation. So, I bring to you, the Strep Monster! Enjoy!

Strep Monster (Fear 15)

From the deep recesses of one’s own throat, the Strep Monster creeps. They cultivate their body from the tissues at the back of the throat, creating a sore effect that their host interprets as only a normal sore throat. If left unattended, the monster can eventually leap from their host’s throat to kill them. The Strep Monster appears as a being of pink flesh, covered in open sores and white bumps, with long claws and a savage demeanor. They seek only the pain of their victims and are set free to wreak havoc in the world as soon as their host if dead.

Statistics of Note: Health 32, Stamina 22, Initiative +9, Movement 5, Actions per Round 2, Magic Resistance +10 (+0 against spells from Path of Health), Stealth +15

Combat: They are solitary, ambush predators, jumping from the throat of their host at the most inopportune moment, when all their friends have the chance to be infected with their spawn as well. It attacks with long claws that splash a mist of their spores with every attack. Bonuses: Strike +10, Parry +5, Dodge +6, Roll +10, Grapple +11, Damage +3.
Special – Sore Claw (Speed 7, Stamina 3, +4 (L)): The Strep Monster attacks with their claw, rending the flesh of their host, releasing spores with each hit. Victims within 10 feet must make a Moderate (20) VIG + Fortitude check against Disease. If failed, they become the host of their own Strep Monster that will be erupt and attack within 5 days.

Weaknesses: They receive damage (instead of Health) from spells from the Path of Health. They take double damage from antibiotic bullets.

Until next time.