Twisted Wars in an Alternate History

In the year 1935, a strange, devastating storm unlike any other touched down on Canadian soil, blighting the land, mutating animals and granting disturbing supernatural powers to people who died within its energies. This was only the first of many such storms. Terrible wars ignited, channelling the predatory abilities of those changed, called Risen, and the miraculous technology made possible by using harnessed Storm energy as a power source.

The British use their fantastic new science to keep their subjugated Canadian citizens in line and protected from the encroaching forces of the United States and the independent nation of Indigenous people, the Kegintági. The European Union became mercenaries, lending their fleet of airships and impressive firepower to the highest bidder and using payment to buy and hoard Storm technology. The underground Canadian army fills their ranks with undying soldiers with horrifying powers and use relentless guerilla warfare in an attempt to overthrow their oppressors by any means necessary.

The warring countries create speciality squads comprised of mutated soldiers with wondrous powers and send them into the most dangerous situations possible. Players are a part of one of these “Storm Battalions” as they try to combat the threats to their country and stay human in a brave new world of monsters and warfare.

Welcome to the new front lines.

Storm Battalion is a tabletop roleplaying game set in an alternative history in which the British and the United States wage war in the wilderness of Canada for control over the amazing energy provided by supernatural storms of unknown origin. These storms twist reality, turning men and animals into creatures of almost limitless power. The change comes with a price, however; few who are transformed are able to retain control over their bodies and thoughts.

Storm Battalion implements many changes to the Dynamic Gaming System including a new Morale system that intensifies every action the characters take. Along with the fast-flowing mechanics already present in the system, and the art stylings of Mike Mumah, Storm Battalion is a great pick-up if you love war-time games with whacked-out abilities.

Keep your Morale Up!

Designed by: Brennan Bishop

Artwork by: Mike Mumah and Rick Hershey

System: Dynamic Gaming System (DGS)

Total Pages: 171


  • History of this strange alternative earth

  • A guide for creating new characters (human and their twisted counterparts)

  • Details of the bizarre technology and gruesome powers that enhance these soldiers

  • All the rules needed to play, powered by the Dynamic Gaming System

  • A roster of heroes and villains alike, statistics of foes both large and small

  • Three adventures that range in levels of danger.

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