Sins of the Father Nominated for Best Game for 2017 ENnie Awards

One of our newest games, Sins of the Father, has been nominated for Best Game at the 2017 ENnie Awards, hosting at this year’s Gencon!

This one was an interesting game for me. I really wanted to challenge myself with designing a game unlike anything I had ever done before. I chose to use playing cards and came up with a crazy little mechanic that works amazingly at the table. The characters are are simple with the potential for great depth, and you get a full roleplaying experience out of the game, imo. I was very proud of it when it came out at Gencon 2017 last year, and sold out on Day 2 of the con!

This was also a game that I wrote and designed all by myself in the background of me working on other projects with much larger writing teams. It was refreshing to get a solo project done, and then to have it honored with a nomination at the biggest RPG awards around. I’m taken aback, seriously.

When voting opens up, I’ll be relying on all of you to get the word out and give Sins of the Father a proper showing! I’ll let you know when that starts.

Get the Game

If you want to check out this game, click the below image:

Play The Game

We have a number of Sins of the Father sessions running at GenCon 2017, as well, so if you want to try the game out, be sure to get your slot before they run out (below are the open slot as of today):

Game IDTitleStart TimeDurationCostTickets Left
RPG17107282Welcome to the Family

Sins of the Father, 1st Edition
10:00 AM
4 hrs$42
RPG17107283Welcome to the Family

Sins of the Father, 1st Edition
6:00 PM
4 hrs$41


Until next time.