Calling All Hellborn! Back the Sins of the Father Companion on Kickstarter

The Sins of the Father Companion's Kickstarter campaign is nearing the funding mark and this is your last chance to get in on this expansion to the world of the hellborn.

The final hours are at hand, mortals! Your time to access true power will soon come to an end for the gates to Hell will once more be sealed. The Sins of the Father Companion‘s Kickstarter campaign is nearing the funding mark and this is your last chance to get in on this expansion to the world of the hellborn.

What is this dark tome, you ask? An innocent question, perhaps; just be forewarned, to even glance at a single page of these words will draw you in and bring you to the depths of Hell. We cannot force you to look, only offer you the choice.

Like all good secrets, we crept into your homes silently like a burglar. We bid our time and infiltrated your communities, your offices, and your families. You cannot find us, so deep are we buried with the skeletons in your closet. Now the wait is over. It is time for us to truly unleash our power.

It is called the Sins of the Father Companion, a supplement to Sins of the Father from Third Eye Games (nominated for Best Game at the 2017 ENnie Awards), and this is the Kickstarter that will unleash it upon your world. Whether you have already embraced your pact with the Dark Lord or are yet to discover your true nature, we are providing all our brethren with an opportunity to join the upper echelons of our order. By submitting to this Kickstarter, you will be able to access a copy of the Companion before other mortals AND acquire copies of the original rulebook that started it all.

What Is Sins About?

Sins of the Father’s core rulebook. Created by Eloy Lasanta.

Sins of the Father is a tabletop roleplaying game (TTRPG) where you play someone paying for a dark deal made by your family long before you were born. It could have been your parents, your grandparents, great-grandparents or any number of generations ago, but you’re feeling the weight of that choice today. Whether this is with the literal devil, demons from another dimension, vampires who prey at night, or a witch who lives in the woods, your character and their family are beholden to this entity for the gifts and purpose the family enjoys. This entity is referred to as the Dark Lord for brevity’s sake, but is all-encompassing as a concept.

Throughout their lives, the hellborn will be asked to perform tasks for their Dark Lord as a team. Even if they are not bound by blood, they are bound by service and must fulfill their duties as stated in their family contracts. They must call up their jobs and say they aren’t coming in. They must cancel any other plans and synchronize their watches, because not finishing a task means they have forfeited the gifts they’ve received or, worse, that they sink further into the Dark Lord’s possession. Few want to lose the lives they’ve built and even fewer want to give up their soul.

Failure to complete the task may end up with the family destroyed, but often the Dark Lord simply adds on to the existing contract. Once you owed five favors, but now you owe ten. The Debt continues to stack up at every turn, especially if the hellborn continues to ask for Gifts along the way, like more power, or resurrection after falling to enemies. When you owe too much to the Dark Lord, they can simply take possession of your body or your soul whenever they want. A truly horrifying thought.

Each player utilizes a deck of standard playing cards to represent the power their character holds over their own destiny. This adds an interesting mechanical output for the RPG, as any draw of the card could spell a fortunate outcome or a terrible fate. Sins of the Father, true to its name, also supports generational play. Once you decide the story is done with one set of characters, a new game can begin as the children of the previous characters who then have to put up with the same thing (as well as having to deal with how their parents did in their own service).

The Sins of the Father Companion is designed to offer you a gluttonous amount of new content to use in your game. From brand new Sinful Gifts to alternate settings for your game, you and the other damned at your table are sure to find something you’d take on Debt for. But your time is running out. You only have until Thursday, September 26thto make your deal with the devil.