Silver Ranks (Sinister RPG)

Sinister RPG is the newest in the line of games developed for Third Eye Games. For this one, you get to come along for the ride.

The last of the nations is probably one of my favorites.

The Silver Ranks are a highly militaristic society, their people known for soldiers silver armored uniforms. Everything in their lives is orderly, which is why they were the ones on the front lines during the chaos of the opening portals. Their tanks and infantry tackled some of the worst monsters, cutting them to ribbons. Those they felt could be controlled were captured and kept for the pleasure of the High Commander of the nation. Some say they have long lost breeds and mysteriously unique portal monsters under their lock and key to be sprung on any nation that dare challenge them. When news of the Cloud Nation contests were received, the High Commander chose his best soldiers and equipped them with powerful beasts to control. They are walking war machines and deadly to anyone that has to face them and their monsters in battle.

The Silver Ranks is the group made of military types. They shout commands, follow orders well, and are trained in a variety of different weapons. They will also specialize in Portal type monsters, due to their special access.

Possible Character Creation

  • Skill Bonus: Skill with shooting and fighting
  • Monster Bonus: Additional points to spend on Monster skills, since both the trainer and monster are heavily trained.
  • Social Penalty: They are all about setting order to things and are not above using force to do so. They are a lot more aggressive than other trainers, who are often intimidated in the process.

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