Sharing the Shockroach (Sinister RPG)

Thought I’d pop another of the awesome Sinister monsters we have completed for you guys to check out. This was one of the first I thought of, the Shockroach!


Type: Mutant

The most abundant monster in Shadow Valley, the Shockroach is a godsend to the people who reside there. Not only are these cockroaches the size of skateboards and easy to train, but they create enough electricity to power most homes and machines for those without the luxury of a power plant. Once captured, the Shockroach acquires their trainer as a member of their nest and will protect them to the death.

Health: 9, Movement: 9 (18)

Attributes: POW 2, AGY 2, VIG 2, EGY 3

Skills: Command 1, Sneak 2, Survival 2, Travel 2

Tricks: Blast, Resistance, Swoop, Mount, Retreat

Special – Electric-Slam (4 DP – Attack): The Shockroach jumps into the air and lands on their target with an electrical explosion. This deals 3 damage and the target flies back triple the damage done in feet.

Special – Flight: Shockroach can fly at double their normal Movement.

Special – Shock: With a Boost on an Attack roll, the target is Confused.