Sharing the Aolus (Sinister RPG)

I just thought I’d pop in and share a little of progress that we’re having with Sinister. We have about half of the starting monsters done and I thought I’d share one with you here today!


Type: Mutant
The Aolus is a wild monster, lurking mostly in the jungles of the world. They are relatively small in size and not particularly strong, but can move quicker than just about any creature (besides a Langor). The Aolus appears to be a mutated monkey, but with razor-sharp fangs and a tail three times longer than it’s body which has spines along its back and forearms. This monster is curious to a fault and loves to laugh, often picking their trainers based on a mutual sense of humor. If forced into servitude, they are quite crafty and always looking to escape, even if just for a moment.
Health: 8, Movement: 10
Attributes: POW 2, AGY 3, VIG 1, EGY 2
Skills: Athletics 2, Crafts 2, Empathy 1, Perform 1, Sneak 2, Tech 1
Tricks: Counter Attack, Evade, Quick Strikes, Tail Swipe, Trip
Special – Weaponized Tail (1 DP – Modifier): By placing a weapon in the Aolus’ tail, damage of a Tail Swipe is increased by +1.
Special – No Monkeying Around: If the Aolus is brought down to 1/2 Health, they receive a +2 bonus all checks.
Special – Quick: They may increase Movement by +2 instead of Altering a Trick when Relationship raises.

Hopefully this wets your appetite as much as it does mine!

Until next time.