Question: Tuckbox and Paper

I’ve been working on finalizing my awesome new card game, Top Billing, and we’re in the final throws. This brings me to a few questions I’d love to ask our fans!

How important is a cool, printed tuckbox for you to buy a card game?

Strange thing about making card games is that a LOT of the money involved with production is the box it comes in. Like about 35% of the cost, in fact. If it saved money for you and made the publisher more money, do you really need a box? What if it was a generic box with no printing? What if it came in a bag? The bad part I’m finding about not having a flashy box is that it makes it almost impossible to get it in stores.

How important is it that it includes a printed instruction booklet?

Again, printing an instruction booklet, for some reason, costs a good chunk of the cost on our end and yours. What if, instead, the instructions were available for download on our web site for easy printing? Are we in an age where this is truly acceptable? Again, if it were to go into store, the instructions would need to be in the box, methinks.

I’m thinking a kickstarter might be needed in order to get the price point to a place where a tuckbox and instruction booklet can be added without having to sell the game for an extra 40% cost.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, everyone!