Q4 2012 Sales

With January almost over, I thought I might as well get the sales numbers out for the end of 2012. Great things in Q4! We saw the release of Truth and Lies and API Savage World, as well as Mermaid Adventures going into full distribution. That made Q4 about double of any other quarter Third Eye Games has ever had with a whopping 690 books sold, which is amazing! Hoping to continue this trend going into 2013.

Check out the numbers!

Stock #Old TotalQ4 2012 SalesNew Total
3EG001 – API78622808
3EG001SW – API Savage Worlds0141141
3EG002 – Canada3087315
3EG003 – Lochs2976303
3EG004 – Europe2439252
3EG005 – Spectrals1817188
3EG006 – South America4463107
3EG101 – Wu Xing79638834
3EG102 – Firebrands29330323
3EG103 – Seed and Blossom31944363
3EG104 – Truth and Lies08484
3EG201 – Part-Time Gods82725852
3EG401 – Mermaid Adv. (Color)188148336
3EG402 – Mermaid Adv. (B&W)5666122