Q4 2011 Sales

Quarter 4 of 2011 was an exciting time for Third Eye Games. We had the Kickstarter and subsequent release for Wu Xing: the Land of Seed and Blossom, along with NecronomiCon 2011 and really good sales through our 3EG Online Store during the holiday season. Not only all of that, but we have now sold 3325 books total giving us a really good average now of over a thousand books per year. I can only hope to beat the average in the coming year… we have TONS planned.

And so, here are the new quarter numbers to finish off 2011.

Stock #Old TotalQ4 SalesNew Total
3EG001 – API69325718
3EG002 – Canada27511286
3EG003 – Lochs25912271
3EG004 – Europe2107217
3EG005 – Spectrals1439152
3EG101 – Wu Xing56076636
3EG102 – Firebrands18061241
3EG103 – Seed and Blossom0154154
3EG201 – Part-Time Gods493171664