Q2 2012 Sales

I know this is going up late, but I’ve been busy. Q2 doesn’t really reflect this, but there were still some fun things! Most noticeably, it marked the release of Mermaid Adventures! Again, API seems to fall short in terms of sales, but I believe this will pick up as the con season rolls in. API always does great at cons. 🙂

Stock #Old TotalQ2 SalesNew Total
3EG001 – API73815753
3EG002 – Canada2941295
3EG003 – Lochs2801281
3EG004 – Europe2272229
3EG005 – Spectrals1641165
3EG101 – Wu Xing71647763
3EG102 – Firebrands27518293
3EG103 – Seed and Blossom25936295
3EG201 – Part-Time Gods73648784
3EG401 – Mermaid Adv. (Color)0147147
3EG402 – Mermaid Adv. (B&W)04444