Q1 2013 Sales Numbers

We have an awesome Q1 2013, guys! This quarter saw the distribution release of both Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. – Savage Worlds Edition and Wu Xing: Truth and Lies, both of which had a nice splash. This puts us at 542 books sold for Q1 which continues to topple last year’s quarters quite nicely. Help us continue this throughout 2013!

Stock #Old TotalQ1 2013 SalesNew Total
3EG001 – API80813821
3EG001SW – API Savage Worlds141256397
3EG002 – Canada3152317
3EG003 – Lochs3032305
3EG004 – Europe2523255
3EG005 – Spectrals1883191
3EG006 – South America1073110
3EG101 – Wu Xing83454888
3EG102 – Firebrands32312335
3EG103 – Seed and Blossom36310373
3EG104 – Truth and Lies84128212
3EG201 – Part-Time Gods85234886
3EG401 – Mermaid Adv. (Color)33620356
3EG402 – Mermaid Adv. (B&W)1222124

Until next time.