Q1 2012 Sales

A nice round number of 350 books sold in Quart 1 of 2012. This is with me running the Kickstarter for API Worldwide: South America and going to GenghisCon XXXIII, but no new products being released.  Next quarter have a ton of things coming out, so I’m expecting a big push for Gencon 2012!

Stock #Old TotalQ1 SalesNew Total
3EG001 – API71820738
3EG002 – Canada2868294
3EG003 – Lochs2719280
3EG004 – Europe21710227
3EG005 – Spectrals15212164
3EG101 – Wu Xing63680716
3EG102 – Firebrands24134275
3EG103 – Seed and Blossom154105259
3EG201 – Part-Time Gods66472736