Sins of the Father


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Your soul has been sold; Now pay the price.

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Today is the day you find out that your soul was sold long before you were born. Now it’s time for you to continue the legacy your family has held for generations in service to the Dark Lord. This quirky RPG is filled with dark humor and devilish depravity, as every character sets out to fulfill their Debt and explore what makes a person good or bad. Are you forever destined to be a minion of hell?

Sins of the Father takes players down a dark path and focuses on how the Seven Deadly Sins can become warped. It features a simple-to-use, card-based resolution system that allows for flexibility and focuses on the story.

All rules needed to play the game
Several sample Dark Lords and playable characters
Unique system utilizing playing cards.

1 review for Sins of the Father

  1. Reyaht Grail

    I actually got the rare chance to play-test this game. The mechanics are fluid and put a lot of control in the hands of the players, and allows for players to dictate what their character is doing—even changing it up mid-action! It was easy to create a Dark Lord, and characters in its service. I’ve been GMing for over 25 years, and, by and large, this has been the BEST game to ad lib an adventure for—something that happens to me a lot. I highly recommend this one—as does my Dark Lord!

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