Infestation: An RPG of Bugs and Heroes (Revised)


Explore the grossest house imaginable as a heroic bug!

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Take on the role of bugs who gain strange intelligence from a house-wide event called The Awakening. Go on crazy adventures in various rooms (each with its own dangers) and battle for control over This House, the most disgusting domicile on the block. Every room, from Cabinet City to The Stinker, is a treasure trove of garbage and filth and just waiting for your bugs to explore them. If you’re part of the ruling species you may take your pick of the treasure, otherwise you’ll need to use your instincts to take what you can.

Requires the Pip System Corebook to play, and is great for families and players of all ages!


  • Even more bug types to choose from, including Ants, Moths, and Spiders!
  • Complete rules to create a completely random house to explore
  • Amazing illustrations by Melissa Gay
  • Two sample adventures to get you started


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