Dark Lands (For Mermaid Adventures)


Expansion for Mermaid Adventures Revised


Mermaids from all corners of Atlantis are told one thing growing up… “Stay out of the Dark Lands.” There is a good reason for this; the Dark Lands are dangerous, full of deadly creatures, and very few merfolk make it back alive. This expansion for┬áMermaid Adventures, however, delves into what you find when you venture to the Dark Lands. It holds many beauties that few ever see.

Included in this Expansion:
– Important Dark Lands Locations
– Tons of new Extras, some friendly and some out to get you
– New rules for Divers, Merfolk-only Vehicles!
– 3 new Merfolk types: Gulperfolk, Toadfolk, and Viperfolk
– Dark Lands-inspired Adventure to get you into the action quickly!


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