Clan Pack #1: The Outsiders


Three New Clans: Crawling Magpies, Harmonious Swarm, Wicked Quills

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There are a number of clans that exist in the Izou Empire, but some of them are destined to stand on the outside looking in. This is the first Clan Pack for The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition, focusing on those outsider clans: Crawling Magpies, Harmonious Swarm and Wicked Quills.

-The Crawling Magpies are masters of the swamp and constantly at odds with the Recoiling Serpents, but are mostly a clan of survival against the odds.
-The Harmonious Swarm is the Izou answer to the Grim Creepers, specialists in techniques that allow them to conform to society and manipulate insects.
-The Wicked Quills specialize in techniques that manipulate hair, using their locks as weapons and tools in their ongoing struggle for dominance.


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