AMP: Year Four


Introducing Magic and the 2018 Timeline to AMP!

$9.99 $8.99

Humanity waged a war against AMPs but could never have guessed a bigger threat would arrive… the Orphans. AMP: Year Four, the Year of Invasion, explains what happens when old enemies must put aside their conflicts and join forces against a common invader. New alliances are forged, and hidden threats reveal themselves along the way; but the world is at stake. There is no other choice.

– 2018 Setting Timeline
– Rules for Magic, the 10th Strain of power
– New AMP Powers inspired by magic
– Updated Affiliations for Changelings, and new ones like the Heralds of the End
– A look at how the invasion has affected the entire globe
– New Character Type: Quislings, rebel Orphans who have joined the forces of Earth


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