Affiliation Guide: Nā ‘Aumākua (For AMP: Year Two)


Detailed info on the Nā ‘Aumākua, the Sacred Guardians of Hawaii


The Nā ‘Aumākua, or Sacred Guardians, sought to do something never done before… free Hawaii from oppression using the newfound superpowers many of their people exhibited. Led by the inspirational Holoholona, the Nā ‘Aumākua has created their own culture, ousting outsiders and welcoming AMPs of all stripes, but there is a scary underbelly as well. Read this Affiliation Guide and learn all of their secrets.


  • Breakdown on Nā ‘Aumākua practices and their Secret courts
  • New Character: Maichiru
  • New Universal Powers: Volcano
  • Complete adventure: Swimming With Sharks


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