Licensee Authorized Material for Pip System

The Pip System license grants licensee companies the right to reprint certain pre-authorized material from core Pip System products. Please note this list allows ONLY licensed companies to reprint Authorized Material—not Fan-made products. Also, this list is pre-authorized, but licensees can also contact Third Eye Games directly for permission to print other sections, if necessary.

If you have a question about material not listed below, such as any of our setting books, adventures, GM Screens, or anything that isn’t the core rulebook or a Companion, please email us.

Please keep reprinted Authorized Material to no more than 20% of the total licensed product. What we don’t want are collections or compendiums of our stats, skills, monsters, etc, in any format. Including some in an appropriately themed product is fine, of course.

Authorized Material List

Here’s a detailed list of Authorized Material:

  • Archetype names, descriptions, and stat blocks. Ex: Chef, Magic User, Sleuth, etc.
  • Skill names and descriptions
  • Quality and Advanced Quality names and descriptions. Please note this does not include spells or potions.
  • Gear Quality names, descriptions, and effects.
  • Magic Family names, Spell names, and requirements. Please note this does not include Casting Magic or Limitations sections, or the effects of individual spells. Of course, you may, of course, create your own magical effects.
  • Names, descriptions, and stat blocks for Extras (where applicable).