Part-Time Gods Week Coming!

Next week is going to be Part-Time Gods Week! We’re excited for our upcoming Kickstarter for Part-Time Gods in Sept and what better way to celebrate this than to give away some free PDF copies of the game!

So, here’s your chance to win a free PDF of Part-Time Gods! I’ll be drawing 3 winners per day, so you have to do is enter in one of 3 ways!

#1 – Sign up for the 3EG Newsletter! This gets you one entry into the drawings all 5 days! ((

#2 – Answer a fun Part-Time Gods-related question each day on Facebook or G+! Join HERE or HERE.

#3 – Tweet something awesome about Part-Time Gods each day on Twitter (make sure to add @thirdeyegames to your tweet).

And that’s it! I’ll be doing a random drawing and three winners each day will get a free PDF of Part-Time Gods! Keep an eye out for some fun announcements regarding what the new Kickstarter will be featuring and new releases for the gameline!

Until next week!