Part-Time God’s 2E Kickstarter Launch

Part-Time Gods Second Edition Launches on Kickstarter

Third Eye Games is excited to announce the launch of Part-Time Gods Second Edition on Kickstarter. Part-Time Gods Second Edition (PTG2E) is a game about the struggles of modern gods who must balance the mortal and divine natures of their new life. This game gives players the tools to create their own gods and go on to tell dramatic, exciting, and engaging stories — the kind only PTG2E can deliver.

Since the original release nine years ago of this modern-day roleplaying game of young gods coming into their powers and responsibilities, we have learned a lot about mechanics design and publishing. Fans of this game have been incredibly loyal, continuing to play to this day and support the line through our various supplements. Now the time has come to upgrade Part-Time Gods to its Second Edition using the Chakra System.

“I believe PTG2E was the game I was destined to create,” says Eloy Lasanta, Third Eye Games’ founder and president. “It’s the game I wanted to write first, but knew I wasn’t ready. First edition came after designing two other games and was a great trial run by a designer fresh to the industry trying his best to make an impact. Not only does Part-Time Gods Second Edition improve upon the base concepts to the game, but I have written it as a way to execute a new way of gaming.”

As of the start of this campaign, Part-Time Gods Second Edition is around 75% done, and we are on track to debut the final product at GenCon 2018. The majority of the funds from this Kickstarter will be used on art commission, paying our amazing design team what they’re worth, and to further develop future sourcebooks for release. Best part about becoming a backer, however, is you’ll get it earlier than everyone else for helping us make it a reality in the first place!

Part-Time Gods Second Edition is now available on Kickstarter with a goal of $5,000 and a list of stretch goals to create a complete product line to take our young gods across an entire campaign. You can pre-order your copy of the core rulebook in PDF and/or print, plus we have retail levels for gaming stores to carry their own copies of PTG2E and opportunities to play the game with Eloy Lasanta, the creator.

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