Open Call for Writers for Third Eye Games (2014)

It’s been a bit since we’ve had a good blog post and that’s because Eloy has been VERY busy working on a ton of different games and releases. He’s always one to try to tackle everything on his own, but now there’s just too much to handle… This is where you come in.

article_writerWe are announcing an Open Call for Writers which will run through April 30.

What To Submit

First… Please sure to read the Submission Agreement, which is in effect for any and all submissions. Then… Please be professional when submitting your work. This means: type it up neatly and present only the information that pertains to your submission. Send your submissions to We have a ton of projects in the works and, if you are selected, I’ll end up pairing you with one that I think fits your style.

A one to two (1-2) page idea of a particular demon race, location, Theology, new clan, or anything from one of our games. would be optimal for a submission. Longer than that and we honestly don’t have time to look at it all, but shorter than that means we don’t have enough to know if you should be considered. Most assignments we give out include a mixture of fiction, mechanics and technical writing, so your submission should probably reflect this.

We’d also love to hear about you, your writing experience, and what games you currently play or have played, as well as what it is about Third Eye Games that intrigues you enough to want to put your name on our pages. Also include which game lines of ours or styles of writing that excite you and that you’d like to write for.

What NOT to submit

We are not looking for list of NPCs or monsters, demon write-ups with “kewl powerz” – but no substance, or short fiction pieces by themselves. These elements put together with some creativity and professionalism are acceptable. We’re also not soliciting for new settings at this time, as we have Apocalypse Prevention, Inc, Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade, Part-Time Gods, Mermaid Adventures, Camp Myth: The RPG and a bunch of others already in the works.

We look forward to hearing from you!