My Blog Challenge

My blog posting had been sporadic as best. Always with a nice bite and always informative but not frequent to say that it’s a thriving bustling blog. So, I’m instituting a blog challenge to myself.

For the next year, starting today, I will be posting at least one new blog post per day. Sometimes it’ll be news, other times random thoughts about the industry or a cool game I played, and other times maybe just something stupid. It might not always be me either, cause I have lots of friends that things to say too.

In any case, the goal with this is to exercise a muscle that I’ve let atrophy in my pursuit of wordcount. Yes, my connection with the fans is super important to me and Third Eye Games as a whole. We want to keep you informed and entertained all user and I have a feeling we’ll be able to do it.

The biggest part of all of this, of course, is to interact with you. That means comments are very much wanted and appreciated. Can’t wait to have many many conversations with you all.

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