Giants Approaching! A Preview of Mythic Echoes Volume 1

The cover for Mythic Echoes Volume One, showcasing an angel, a dragon, and a giant fighting it out to see who gets to hog the cover.

There are more than just gods walking the Earth, oh no. What no one mentioned to you when you assumed the mantle of part-time god was that other divine beings wanted a piece of the action and will crush your pantheon if left unchecked. Giants, dragons, angels, even the Source itself is a threat to your dominion, your followers, and your loved ones left in the dark amidst all this danger.

And you still need to make it to work on time so you don’t get written up again.

Mythic Echoes Volume One is going out to our Kickstarter backers this week and soon it can be in YOUR hands. To prepare all the gods out there with the tools and skills you’ll need to handle these creatures, help yourself to this 7-page preview of Mythic Echoes and learn about why giants are not exactly fans of the gods.