Making the Right Choice (Sinister RPG)

I recently talked about a change in my approach to the design of the Sinister RPG. I was worried at first. I had to switch around a lot of solid ideas that I had from before. I had to inject material and reorganize it all. But in the end, I looked up and I had not only restructured what was already there, but had added a lot of new ideas into the document. I also started writing up things that previously I had as nebulous thoughts of what I’d “like” to have written, but I just couldn’t figure out how to make it fit.

Now, I know that this direction was the right choice for the project. It’s a good feeling, because it could have just as easily been a “oh crap!” kind of moment, where I would have to roll everything back to start and still be at the drawing board. At this stage, however, CharGen is basically done and I can start writing up individual abilities and monsters next. I’m very happy about this!

Until next time (when I hope to have more to reveal).