Looking for GenCon 2013 Help

Here’s where Third Eye Games is at for GenCon 2013: We have an awesome corner booth again this year for GenCon 2013, part of Studio 2 Publishing’s collection. We have a lot of great new products to bring to GenCon this year, including Wu Xing: Truth and Lies, Camp Myth and Storm Battalion.

One problem though… we need more help!

Help can come in a variety of ways. If you’re willing to help us run some games of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc., Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade, Part-Time Gods or Mermaid Adventures, that’s already a big help. More games run means more interest which means more people at the booth which means more sales which means more products that need more games run and so on and so on. It’s a fun cycle, but we need help making it come around full circle.

We also could use some help running the booth. Of course we could “hire” people to do it, but that’s not as great as having fans coming out and showing their love, helping to converse new fans! Any amount of booth help is appreciated, whether you can only help one day or you can help all four days!

What do you get in return? Well, a free t-shirt, the gift of hanging with us awesome 3EG folk, getting to share your love of 3EG with others, probably a free meal and a huge amount of thanks!

If you’re interested in helping out, and we sure hope you are, just let Eloy know and we can help schedule games/booth hours to fit your schedule. Emails can go to eloy@thirdeyegames.net.

Until next time.