Kid’s Guide to Monster Hunting and Killing Earth (Pip System)


Jumping off the previous blog post about Traditional games vs. Family-style games, we want to share with you two more settings coming as Stretch Goals in the upcoming Pip System Corebook Kickstarter, launching March 7.

Kids are often more aware than any adult of the monsters that go bump in the night. They can sense things coming before they arrive, and some kids run and hide from the dark creatures in hopes of staying safe. Then there are other kids who rail against the monsters who would take over the world. Enter A Kid’s Guide to Monster Hunting, a game where players take the role of kids fighting the evil forces of vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and anything else seeking to do nasty things to the world. Same archetypes include the Leader, the Bookworm, the Gizmo, and even the Little Kid, all used to emulate the genre to its fullest.

A Kid’s Guide to Monster Hunting is inspired by the Monster Squad, The Goonies, and a lot of other media where kids go on grand adventures of mystery and danger!

What if the world ended because the Earth was done taking the abuse humanity dished out. One day, the planet became conscious and began devouring entire cities. There is no escaping the enemy that hunts you today, because you live on it… the very earth can swallow you whole in an instant. In the final days of civilization, humanity engineered a serum that created super-soldiers to combat the Earth and the monsters it spewed from its pits. However, there was a fatal flaw, and most of those soldiers tasked with protecting humanity have since become savagely horrid monsters in their own right. There are safe (read: polluted) areas where the planet has less power, but that’s also where zealots (worshippers of the devouring earth) come to hunt down survivors, believing a new world will be provided as soon as the “unclean” are vanquished.

Killing Earth will introduce several new things to the Pip System, showing off how to do survival horror, post-apocalypse setting. Inspired by Mad Max, Dune, Resident Evil, and a host of others.