Join the Oracles and Fight the Wrath of Purity

Happy GM’s Day, everyone! Which means it’s time for the official launch of the Oracles Program, our GM support program designed to help our fans run Third Eye Games… um, games… at conventions, local gaming stores, on Twitch, and more. You can learn more about the Oracles and how to sign up for free by visiting the official Oracles Program page.

But that’s not all. All Oracles members receive a free PDF copy of our first Part-Time Gods Second Edition adventure, Wrath of Purity. Compatible with any of the pre-generated characters provided in the core rulebook as well as those from the PTG2E Preview (and included with Wrath for your convenience), this 3-part adventure is perfect for hooking new players into the lives of these new gods as they struggle to protect their territory from a mysterious group known only as the Purity. Plus Oracles receive a form-fillable character sheet and territory grid for PTG2E with more on the way for other systems like Pip System, Ninja Crusade, and more.

Oracles members receive a free PDF copy of Wrath of Purity, a 3-part adventure for Part-Time Gods Second Edition

It’s just our way of thanking everyone who loves our games and wants to share them with the world. Membership is free and your copy of Wrath of Purity is simply an email away from landing on your screens.