Oracles Get Exclusive Access to Ironbound: Guardians of Novala

One of the perks we provide to our Oracles GM Support Program is a free adventure every year and we’re happy to announce the next one has arrived… The Book of Oracles is a setting preview + adventure for the upcoming dark fantasy Pip System tabletop RPG featuring pagan warrior vs. machines, Ironbound: Guardians of Novala.

Logo for Ironbound: Guardians of Novala from Broken Ruler Games
The logo for Ironbound: Guardians of Novala, an upcoming dark fantasy TTRPG featuring pagan warriors vs. machines. Coming soon to our Pip Worlds community creator program from Broken Ruler Games.

The Book of Oracles introduces you to the world of Novala and their struggle with the Apothecary. Built using the Pip System, this book provides Game Guides with everything they need to discover the world of Novala and their war with the machines with an introduction written by IGON co-creator and lead setting developer, Danielle DeLisle, along with a complete one-shot adventure written by Crystal Mazur (Pip System Primer) and Todd Crapper. Plus it includes 5 pre-generated characters, new random personalization tables, and features vision layers to create maximum accessibility and print-at-home options.

Update: Check out the setting introduction chapter for free with Casting the Circle by Broken Ruler Games.

Promo banner for IGON: The Book of Oracles

As a member of our Oracles Program, you’ll get access to two different PDFs for two free options – one with alternate colour/grayscale layers for your convenience and accessibility, another without for those PDF readers unable to manage multiple layers. To become a member and collect XP for additional perks by running our games online (which you were probably going to do anyway), go to and become one of the first to discover how five Novallans became one of the first Ironbound covens.