H. P. Lovecraft Preparatory School – New Game from Third Eye Games

Third Eye Games is proud to announce a brand new game coming to Kickstarter in February!


What if a popular series of stories about a young wizard had been written by H.P. Lovecraft?

As a student at the prestigious H.P. Lovecraft Preparatory Academy, you’ll uncover conspiracies, deal with bullies and uncaring professors, explore dangerous steam tunnels, study for exams, escape from horrible monstrosities that man was never meant to see, and try to avoid an extended stay at Arkham Sanitarium. And that’s just in your first week!

This game has been written/designed by Jeff Zitomer, and is divergent from the PDQ System, utilizing the best of what it has to offer, mixed with some brand new things to really make this school, its faculty, and, most importantly, its students come to life.

We’ll have more info on this game as we get closer to launch!

Until then!