Get A Free PDF Copy of AMP: Year One Until August 2nd!

Catchy headline, yah? And it’s all true. From July 18th to August 2nd of the year 2019, everyone who buys any Third Eye Games product from DriveThruRPG will receive a free PDF copy of the AMP: Year One core rulebook. It’s the only way to prepare you for the approaching darkness as this evolving world of AMPs reaches its inevitable conclusion.

That’s right. AMP: The Final Year will do what few published campaign settings have ever done and present the end of this amazing saga. What began as the original 3EG product line is coming to an end and we’re going to do it in a big way. In addition to funding The Final Year on Kickstarter later this year, we’re also going to create the Ultimate AMP Anthology (current title) containing all five years in a single volume. Not just smashing all five books under one spine but a revised presentation with all rules, powers, characters, campaign histories, and more assembled in their own chapters. We want the AMP line to go out with a bang and that means preparing everyone for the apoca… I mean, the end.

Go to our page on DriveThruRPG and shop to your hearts content. At the end of the sale, we will compile a report of all customers who purchased our products during the promotion and email complimentary copies through DriveThruRPG. Be sure your accounts are set to accept DriveThruRPG related emails as Third Eye Games will not be responsible for customers who do not receive their complimentary copies of AMP: Year One due for this reason.

Are you ready for The End?