Your Soul Isn’t Really Yours

Sins of the Father is an RPG where you play someone paying for a dark deal made by your family long before you were born. It could have been your parents, your grandparents, great-grand-parents or any number of generations ago, but you’re feeling the weight of that choice today. Whether this is with the literal devil, demons from another dimension, vampires who prey at night, or a witch who lives in the woods, your character and their family are beholden to this entity for the gifts and purpose the family enjoys. This entity is referred to as the Dark Lord for brevity’s sake, but is all-encompassing as a concept.

Each player utilizes a deck of cards to represent the power their character holds over their own destiny. This adds an interesting mechanical output for the RPG, as any draw of the card could spell a fortunate outcome or a terrible fate. Sins of the Father, true to its name, also supports generational play. Once you decide the story is done with one set of characters, a new game can begin as the children of the previous characters who then have to put up with the same thing (of course, also having to deal with how well their parents did in their own service).

Surviving as a Hellborn

Throughout their lives, the hellborn will be asked to perform tasks for their Dark Lord as a team. Even if they are not bound by blood, they are bound by service and must fulfill their duties as stated in their family contracts. They must call up their jobs and say they aren’t coming in. They must cancel any other plans and synchronize their watches, because not finishing a task means they have forfeited the gifts they’ve received or, worse, that they sink further into the Dark Lord’s possession. Few want to lose the lives they’ve built and even fewer want to give up their soul.

Failure to complete the task may end up with the family destroyed, but often times the Dark Lord simply adds on to the existing contract. Once you owed five favors, but now you owe ten. The debt continues to stack up at every turn, especially if the hellborn continue to ask for gifts along the way, like more power or resurrection after falling to enemies. When you owe too much to the Dark Lord, they can simply take possession of your body or your soul whenever they want. A truly horrifying thought.

Are you willing to risk it all?

Sins of the Father

Today is the day you find out that your soul was sold long before you were born. Now it’s time for you to continue the legacy your family has held for generations in service to the Dark Lord. This quirky RPG is filled with dark humor and devilish depravity, as every character sets out to fulfill their Debt and explore what makes a person good or bad. Are you forever destined to be a minion of hell?

Sins of the Father takes players down a dark path and focuses on how the Seven Deadly Sins can become warped. It features a simple-to-use, card-based resolution system that allows for flexibility and focuses on the story.


  • All rules needed to play the game
  • Several sample Dark Lords and playtable characters
  • Unique system utilzing playing cards.

Designed by: Eloy Lasanta
Artwork by: Shaman’s Stockart, Rick Hershey
System: Unique
Total Pages: 79

Available in PDF and softcover at the 3EG Store

Sins of the Father Companion

Whether you have already embraced your pact with the Dark Lord or are yet to discover your true nature, you now have an opportunity to join the upper echelons of our order. By reading these pages, you shall strengthen your connection to the Dark Lord and open up a wealth of new power!

The Sins of the Father Companion offers much to new and old followers alike:

  • More Horror-Themed Sinful Gifts and New Rituals
  • Additional Dark Lords to use in your Game
  • Premade Enemies for the Soul Master’s Convenience
  • Hints at what Freedom is like for Hellborn
  • Random dramatic Scene generation
  • 4 New Genres to play Sins of the Father: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Victorian, and Post-Apocalyptic

Designed by: Tobie Abad, Elizabeth Chaipraditkul, Carol Darnell, Danielle Delisle, Eloy Lasanta
Artwork by: Brian Joseph Baker and Stardust Publications, Bradley K McDevitt, Sheridan McGuire, John Nixon, Jeff Preston, Shaman’s Stockart
System: Unique
Total Pages: 86

Available in PDF and softcover at the 3EG Store

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