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The Pip System is what Third Eye Games has used in the past for a number of family-style RPGs, including Mermaid Adventures and Infestation, An RPG of Bugs and Heroes. Each of those games and their mechanical iterations have been nominated for Best Family Game at the ENnie Awards. We’ve taken what lessons these first editions had to teach to further develop and expand upon the game and its systems. Our goal is a complete toolbox of mechanics for almost any gaming experience. The Pip System Corebook has all you need to create characters in a Modern, Fantasy, Sci-Fi or Spooky! setting, each with their own gear and equipment, character backgrounds, and tone, but all the while using the same core set of mechanics to make the game happen.

The Pip System uses six-sided dice of two different colors (generally denoted as white dice and black dice, but it could be any two colors you have) to determine if a character’s task succeeds or fails. White dice are positive for the character (marked as W), representing their degree of skill in a task. Black dice (marked as B) are negative dice, representing the difficulty of the challenge presented. 2W would mean the player would roll 2d6 white dice, and 2B means the player would roll 2d6 black dice. Using the black and white dice gives an immediate look at your chances of success. Lots of white dice and you’re more likely to win. Lots of black dice and it’s obvious that the cards are stacked against you. Players, especially kids, respond really well to visually knowing your odds.

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Pip System Corebook

The Pip System is designed from the ground up as a genre-bending rules system for any roleplaying game! Create your own setting, convert and existing one, or pick up one of our amazing worlds, like Mermaid AdventuresInfestation: An RPG of Bugs and Heroes, or A Kid’s Guide to Monster Hunting.

  • Perfect for introducting new players and kids to roleplaying
  • Customizable character options with minimal bookkeeping
  • Easy-to-learn mechanics utiliing only six-sided dice
  • Contains all the rules you need to run the game and make thousands of different characters!

Designed by: Carol Darnell, Eloy Lasanta, Crystal Mazur, Derek A. Kamal, John D. Kennedy, Martin Manco, Amanda Milner, Jacob Wood
Artwork by: Kennedy Cooke-Garza, Shaman’s Stock Art, Jeshields, Jacob E. Blackmon, Rian Trost, Widodo Pangarso published by, Gary Dupuis, Jeremy Hart, Gunship Revolution
System: Pip System
Total Pages: 145

Available in PDF and softcover at the 3EG Store

Mermaid Adventures Revised

Welcome to Atlantis, where King Neptune and Queen Anastasia rule with love, protecting ther merfolk from the horrors of sea monsters and witches who live in the Dark Lands beyond. Within the kingdom walls you are mostly safe, but adventure rarely takes place at home. You must venture out if you want to be a true adventurer, taking you to the Dark Lands and even to interaction with hoomans.

Dive into adventure and fun! Mermaid Adventures is a game that lets you and your friends become mermaids, forming friendships, fighting sea monsters and solving strange undersea mysteries. Choose from an assortment of different mermaid types, from the classic Fishfolk to Eelfolk and Sharkfolk to even Urchinfolk and Jellyfolk. Each has their own inherent abilities that help them survive the deep. Great for families and players of all ages!

Designed by: Eloy Lasanta
Artwork by: Melissa Gay
System: Pip System
Total Pages: 100

Available in PDF and softcover at the 3EG Store

Infested, An RPG of Bugs and Heroes

Welcome to This House, the grossest, dirtiest, bestest place for bugs like us! No two This Houses are the same, however, and this one is dangerous. Bugs of all types from mosquitoes to ants to spiders rule the various rooms, some cruel and some benevolent. Come join the fight to liberate Cabinet City from the beetles before the termites of Flatwood forest invade and make life much harder!

Play an RPG full of gross bugs going on awesome adventures! Infestation, An RPG of Bugs and Heroes tells the story of bugs who have become awakened, gaining personality and a lust for wandering This House, the grossest home in all the land. They can search for Bug Magic ritual items, help out their fellow bug or battle over control the rooms of This House. The possibilities are near-limitless, all it takes is your imagination.

Designed by: Eloy Lasanta, Jacob Wood, Amanda Milner
Artwork by: Melissa Gay
System: Pip System
Total Pages: 98

Available in PDF and softcover at the 3EG Store

Pip System Primer

The Pip System Primer presents all-new quarterly supplements based around a single theme chosen by our patrons. From noir to dinosaurs to ghosts in the machine, the Primer offers up a collection of articles, new archetypes, Extras, Qualities, and adventures showcasing the flexibility of the Pip System. Available exclusively on in PDFs and print-on-demand Annuals.

Pip System Primer #1 – Fantasy
Pip System Primer #2 – Noir
Pip System Primer #3 – Aliens
Pip System Primer #4 – Dinosaurs
Pip System Primer #5 – Animals
Pip System Primer #6 – Dystopia
Pip System Primer #7 – Ghosts in the Machine
Pip System Primer #8 – A Pip System Miracle

Available in PDF and softcover Annuals at

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