No Heroes. No Villains. Just Hard Choices.

Become one of the first people in the world to develop superpowers. AMP: Year One tells the story of the first year this new phenomenon, full of secrecy, conspiracy, and danger for everyone involved. As humans begin to notice these new and often terrifying people with abilities, not everyone reacts accepting. This is not the supers game of tights and capes, but instead of shadows and choices.

AMPs (people with Accelerated Mutant Potential) can walk in danger alone, or they can join with others of their kind into Affiliations. These include the scientific Seekers of Enlightenment, led by Doctor Luminous and Critter, the always-hidden Changelings, led by Conduit, or even the super-powered criminal underground of Typhoon, led by the Matriarch. There are always affiliations against the AMPs too, like the United Human Front, hell-bent on destroying all the super-freaks and protect humanity.

As the nature of AMPs evolves, so too does the continuing story presented in the book. In addition to new powers, Affiliations, and player options in each book, the timeline of events is updated from year to year.

COMING SOON – AMP: The Final Year

AMP: Year One

The year is 2015 and the world is getting its first taste of super-powered individuals making their presence known all around the globe. Danger and conspiracy lurk around every corner, be it from government agencies looking for the secret to these power or other AMPs looking to battle in a show of supremacy.

AMP: Year One is an RPG that puts this first year under a microscope, presented as a timeline of events that escalate to its boiling point. Players become AMPs (people with Accelerated Mutant Potential), as is their birthright, but dealing with their power isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.

Powered by the new DGS-Combo system, every roll of the die is packed with excitement. Players can use the easy-to-learn rules to create their own AMP and pick from over 50 unique powers or choose one of more than 20 pregenerated AMPs and jump right into the action.

Designed by: Eloy Lasanta
Artwork by: Maxim Lardinois, Daniel Wong
System: Dynamic Gaming System
Total Pages: 254

Available in PDF and softcover at the 3EG Store

AMP: Year Two

The year of fear has begun! Continuing the story into the year 2016, AMP: Year Two is the latest sourcebook for the AMP: Year One RPG. Not only does this book expand the world timeline, but provide full details on how AMPs have begun to affect the rest of the world. AMP: Year Two introduces 4 brand new Affiliations for characters to join, 1 additional powers for each Strain (like Horror for Mindbenders or Immortality for Bulks), and one awesome universal power, Gadgeteering, available for both AMPs and Saps.

Designed by: Eloy Lasanta, Jake Baker, Rob Thomson
Artwork by: Maxim Lardinois, Allen Morris, Amy Phillips
System: Dynamic Gaming System
Total Pages: 124

Available in PDF and softcover at the 3EG Store

AMP: Year Three

The War of 2017 has begun, and brings many things to the AMP universe… Heroes… Loss… even Rebirth. See what happens in the next year of people with powers changing the landscape of what it means to be human. AMP: Year Three is the Year of War, where blood is shed on both sides, causing an increase in aggression and tactics. AMPs further mutate into monsters and humans call upon technology to even the odds.

Designed by: Elizabeth Chaipraditkul, J. Fryer, Darrell Hayhurst, Eloy Lasanta, Michael Lyons, Chris Kobbe
Artwork by: Jann Galino, Jonny Hinkle, Allen Morris, Carlos Torreblanca, Brian Fajardo, Joshua Panelo
System: Dynamic Gaming System
Total Pages: 136

Available in PDF and softcover at the 3EG Store

AMP: Year Four

Humanity waged a war against AMPs but could never have guessed a bigger threat would arrive… the Orphans. New alliances are forged, and hidden threats reveal themselves along the way; but the world is at stake. There is no other choice. AMP: Year Four is the Year of the Invasion, when humans and AMPs find themselves facing a common enemy from the deepest reaches of space. Will they unite to combat the Orphans or will they crumble under these extraterrestrial invaders?

Designed by: Elizabeth Chaipraditkul, Chuck Dee, J. Fryer, Eloy Lasanta, Felipe Real
Artwork by: Jann Galino, Jonny Hinkle, Gunship Revolution
System: Dynamic Gaming System
Total Pages: 120

Available in PDF and softcover at the 3EG Store

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