ENnies and Me

It’s finally happened! After years of submitting, Third Eye Games has been recognized by the ENnie Awards and graced with a nomination. That’s right! Mermaid Adventures has been nominated for Best Family Game for 2013. This is so amazing and I’m so jazzed, it’s hard to figure out the right response. Jumping up and down is what i’ve gone with thus far. The game is up against some strong competition from the Dr. Who RPG and a few other really great kids’ RPGs, so it’s not an absolute lock, but I like our chances.

A lot of love went into Mermaid Adventures. I wrote and designed the game from scratch and worked close with Melissa Gay (who did all the art for the game) to really bring out the aesthetics. I really hope she can be there at GenCon this year to accept the award with me (if we win, obviously). I’m really glad the judges saw how much work went into it and gave it some attention.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Mermaid Adventures for the past year it’s been out and congrats to all the other nominees as well.

Also! If you’d like to hang with me during the awards, be sure to bid on the ENnies Dream Date Auction for a date with ME!

Until next time.