Welcome to the Oracles Program, the official GM support program from Third Eye Games. Oracles is a way for 3EG to help aspiring and current Gamemasters running our games around the world and to help get the word out there how much fun they are to play.

Here’s the simple pitch. Every time an Oracles member runs a 3EG game in public, they gain points (known as xp). Those points are collected to earn discounts, swag, direct access to 3EG team members working on upcoming projects, and more. The more you GM, the more xp you collect. They can use adventures of your own creation, any of our published adventures, or you can play the exclusive Oracles Program adventures (coming soon).

You can download the Oracles Program Membership Privileges PDF or you can check out the FAQ below. If you have any further questions or would like to become an Oracle (it’s free!), send an email to oracles@thirdeyegames.net 

How much does it cost to join?

Absolutely nothing. The Oracles Program is completely free. All you have to do is submit a Google Form with certain particulars, such as your Oracles ID, shipping address for certain rewards, and a few more details. Simply send an email to oracles@thirdeyegames.net informing us you’d like to become an Oracle and we will send you the link.

I’m not a very experienced GM but would love to be a part of this. Are you looking for certain qualifications?

Right now, you’re willingness to GM our games is a great start and we want to use the Oracles program to help you feel more comfortable and knowledgeable about our games. What you do with it from there is up to you and we’re here to help. No particular qualifications are required or expected, just your willingness to GM our games for players around the world.

Ok, I’m a new member. What do I get for becoming an Oracle?

  • Instant access to our Oracles Google Drive! Here you’ll find all extra goodies exclusive to our members, including new adventures and handouts supporting various product lines.
  • Access to our exclusive Oracles Slack channel! Chat with members of the 3EG team, learn about new Oracles initiatives, vote on new rewards, and more.
  • A subscription to our quarterly Oracles newsletter! Here you’ll receive news and stories of Oracles games taking place around the world as well as view your current points totals listed by Oracles ID only (meaning your real name will not be displayed to other members unless you choose otherwise).

Which games will be supported with this program in 2020?

The cover for the upcoming preview of Ironbound: Guardians of Novala.

When we launched the Oracles Program in 2019, our GMs received a free PDF copy of Wrath of Purity, a brand-new adventure for Part-Time Gods Second Edition written by Eloy Lasanta plus a variety of player handouts, pre-generated characters, and more.

This year, our Oracles will receive first access to PDF copies of Ironbound: Guardians of Novala‘s upcoming preview, The Book of Oracles. This special preview includes an overview of the plight that threatens the world of Novala in this pagan warriors vs. machine fantasy RPG using the Pip System as well as pre-generated characters and an adventure written by Crystal Mazur, our lead Pip System guru.

Since this is still a brand new initiative by Third Eye Games, we are limited in the games slated for Oracles support, but this will expand as the program grows. If you want Oracles support for our other game lines, drop us an email and we can approach this on a case-per-case basis until full support is available.

NOTE: The Oracles program provides points to members who run any of our games. You are not required to only run games in which we provide bonus content, such as adventures.

Our current plan is to expand on the product lines supported by the Oracles Program to grow every year with new lines and “seasons” of our existing product lines launching in March of each year. The types of support products we produce include form-fillable character sheets, new pre-generated characters, quick reference guides/cheat sheets, and more.

Will I earn more goodies by running more games?

Yes! The Oracles Program works like a points program in that you’ll earn points (called “xp”) for every game you run any Third Eye Games products in one of the following settings.

  • At conventions (in-person)

    • 1xp for each session run at a convention, or 2xp for running at a convention where 3EG products are sold

  • Online APs (actual play videos/audio recordings)

    • 1xp for each session posted online (min. 3 hours per recording or 1 hour for edited recordings), or 2xp for including a link to the Third Eye Games website’s product page for all future viewers

  • At local gaming stores

    • 1xp for each session run at a local gaming store

  • Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, or any other online play sites

    • 1xp for each session run on your platform of choice

  • Bonus points: #oracles3eg

    • Whenever you post a photo/video of your session on your social media platform of choice, you’ll receive 1xp when you post with the hashtag #oracles3eg (max. 1xp per session, regardless of number of posts and points are only awarded to those posts discovered by Oracles admins or if shared directly through email submissions). Generic posts not directly showcasing a game in progress do not collect xp.

What do I do to receive my points?

After each session, simply send an email to oracles@thirdeyegames.net with the details of your event and a photo of the players at the table. From there, we’ll keep track of your xp and can provide current totals by request or you can track them through the Oracles email newsletter.

What can I earn with my points?

Below is a current list of rewards you can unlock as you earn points. These totals will work on a per-season basis with each season starting August 1st of each year. 

And this is just the beginning. As the Oracles Program develops, we’ll revise, update, and expand our points structure to accommodate our GMs and provide more rewards as the program grows.

Total Points



Cheap Books! Oracles who collect at least 10xp in a season will earn a 10% discount on all Third Eye Games’ products purchased on our website… for life! If you have already received a discount, it will increase by 10% to a maximum of 30% off everything on our website.


Oracles T-shirt! Oracles who collect at least 5xp will receive an exclusive Oracles t-shirt to let everyone know that you mean business.


Dice! Oracles who collect at least 15xp in a season will receive a seasonal set of 4d10 (for Part-Time Gods Second Edition or Ninja Crusade 2e) or 4d6s (for the Pip System with two opposing colors).


Grab the Spotlight! The top 3 Oracles with the most XP in a season will be featured on the Third Eye Games website as our Elite Oracles so players will know you are a superstar in our eyes. You’ll also receive a special prize as determined by the staff at 3EG as a thank you for your hard work getting our games out to the public.

25xp & up

Coming soon…