Engaging with the 3EG Community

If you ever run into Customer Service or site issues, or have problems in our Store, us the Contact Us form to get ahold of us immediately. However, if you’re looking to engage with us, share stories of your games, talk about new approaches to gaming or house rules, or almost anything else, here are the places you can talk with Third Eye Games and other fans as well!

Follow Third Eye Games on Discord

Engage with Third Eye Games on Discord, where you can join the conversation about upcoming products, news about 3EG activities, and conversation with the 3EG staff.

Follow Third Eye Games on Facebook

Follow Third Eye Games on Facebook and stay up to date on upcoming products plus roll d12s to help us choose our next ad campaign to win prizes.

Follow Third Eye Games on Twitter

The best place to find out the latest on Third Eye Games, including new releases, contests and a little bit of discourse as well.

Follow Eloy Lasanta on Twitter

As the creator of many games, and contributor to other awesome games like Firefly RPG, KidWorld, and World of Darkness: Dark Eras, Eloy always has something to say. Come and talk with him!

Become an Oracle Today!

Every time an Oracles member runs a 3EG game in public, they gain points (known as xp). Those points are collected to earn discounts, swag, direct access to 3EG team members working on upcoming projects, and more. The more you GM, the more xp you collect. They can use adventures of your own creation, any of our published adventures, or you can play the exclusive Oracles Program adventures. Membership is free and we’re always looking for new GMs to represent your community.

Check out the Media Gallery

Occasionally, Third Eye Games goes out to cons, speaks on panels, or records podcasts. This is the place to check out the instances that we’ve got working recording equipment. Below is just a taste, but go the Media Gallery for everything!

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