Eloy’s Update for Oct 24

Hello all! It’s been quiet over here, but I though I’d try to give everyone an idea as to why that is so. Without further ado, here is what I’m currently working on:

Just Released

About to be Released

  • Truth and Lies (for Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade)

Kickstarters Launching Soon

  • Divine Instruments (for Part-Time Gods)
  • Camp Myth RPG
  • Top Billing (our movie making card game) – Might try Indiegogo to see what the difference really is.
  • Sinister!!!!!

Currently Developing

  • Storm Battalion (Basically done, but needs art)
  • Sinister (Getting some really good stuff together and looking for a great artist to round out the vision)
  • Land of Crashing Waves (for Wu Xing)
  • Camp Myth RPG (working with the author to really make this game pop)
  • Thimble (for Mermaid Adventures)

Rolling 20s

  • Finalizing the first episode of Season 2

Card Games!!!!

  • Top Billing (our movie making card game)
  • Sinister Battle CG (got two decks and currently playtesting them to work out any glaring kinks)


  • Editing/Layout for Fractured Kingdom, which just finished up a successful kickstarter
  • Finalizing an Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. playset for Our Last Best Hope
  • Just landed another layout gig for a few Savage Worlds One-Sheets


  • Getting caught up on Archer
  • My friends are forcing me to play World of Warcraft with them. Pandas are fun.
  • Gearing up for NecronomiCon this weekend.