Darkovia (Sinister RPG)

Sinister RPG is the newest in the line of games developed for Third Eye Games. For this one, you get to come along for the ride.

The seventh nation is one of the most despicable, competing even with The Clean.

The mountains to the north are the harshest and deadliest region of any in the world of Sinister, and it is the Darkovians who live there. The portals laid waste to many parts of the mountains, destroying the once fertile valleys and killing the majority of their populace. However, their nobility survived, creating a need for hard laws to ensure commoner loyalty. Their society, once fair and just, became a bed lies and the Darkovian nobility keep their subjects under their foot, almost as slaves. Monsters, too, are seen only as livestock to whip every last bit of work out of before it dies. Upon hearing of the Cloud Nation contest, the nobles (who can’t be bothered to do anything for themselves) have chosen their champions to represent them in the games. These lucky Darkovians are given leave to compete for the honor of getting their liege (and possibly themselves) to Cloud Nation.

These characters are brainwashed in the opposite direction from the Iska. They believe their monsters are only tools, meaning they are brutal with their monsters, to the point of pushing them too far.

Possible Character Creation

  • Skill Bonus: Intimidation possibly
  • Monster Bonus: I’m thinking the ability to sacrifice Health in exchange for extra damage.
  • Social Penalty: They look at everything through a filter of hate, starvation and brutality. Their lands are harsh, so they view even the smallest bit of happiness as a falsehood ready to be stomped.

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