Create a Pip Monster Contest

Hallowe’en is only a couple weeks away and that means it’s time to break out all the monsters, ghouls, and magical girls to roam free for a night. And play some Pip System, of course. We’re looking for some scaaaary monsters to create for the Pip System and we need YOUR help. Draw a picture of your original scary monster and post it to our Facebook page by October 31, 2018. Our panel of judges will choose a winner and feature it as a monster in a future issue of Pip System Primer. Plus you’ll receive a free PDF of the Pip System Corebook and a 1-year subscription to Pip System Primer.

To get the ball rolling, we’d like to thank Grace for sharing her spoooooooky ghost with us. Download a free copy of Scarina and watch out for those pizza ovens, kids.