Coming Soon: Sins of the Father RPG

Welcome to life as a Hellborn.

Many generations ago, one of your long-forgotten ancestors sold their soul in exchange for having their wishes granted. Everything was fine until they were on their deathbed and it was time to pay. The only way to maintain ownership of their immortal soul was to pass their debts onto their children, and so the cycle has continued from generation to generation.

Now it’s your turn. Life can be a piece of cake if you’re willing to make a few sacrifices and serve the will of your Dark Lord now and again. Of course, refusing their commands can make your life much, much harder as well.

Sins of the Father is an upcoming RPG from Third Eye Games. You play a Hellborn — someone whose soul was traded to an evil entity long before you were conceived. It’s up to you whether to continue the cycle of servitude and damn your children’s children or to take back your own free will and put an end to your dark legacy once and for all.

Don’t be slothful! If your interested in helping with playtesting the new system created for Sins of the Father, then please email

This game will be ready for play and sale by GenCon 2016!