Clearing the Slate

In the wake of planning the next Kickstarter for Part-Time Gods, I decided to push the date back until after GenCon instead of doing it in July. Why you might ask? Well, it occurred to me (partly on my own and partly from vocal backers) that I hadn’t delivered everything promised from the other Kickstarters.

Thimble was an expansion for Mermaid Adventures that was promised over a year ago. The fact that I hadn’t come out with that yet had really weighed on me. Camp Myth: The RPG still has a few things to get done (prints and t-shirts and junk like that) that need to be completed before being able to focus entirely on another Kickstarter. I’ve been talking with the designer for the Wu Xing Combat Tracker, promised from the Truth and Lies Kickstarter, and I think we’re inching closer to finally getting that out. Communication has been reached with the designer and I’ve begun testing weekly builds in the hopes of getting that out right away.

So, September looks like it will be the next Part-Time Gods Kickstarter. More details on that as we get closer, but we’re all in for a great ride!

Until next time.