CharGen Progess #1 (Sinister RPG)

We are gaining ground on Sinister and getting a good playtest document out for it. Since this is a pretty open development for this game, I will be getting together all the necessary rules for making a character together and putting it out there. This’ll include a handful of monsters, as well, some of which I’ve gotten some awesome artwork for already. I’ll be sharing some of those soon! I’d love to see what kinds of characters you all come up with. Here’s the current progress on this:

  • Passions: 100%
  • Attributes 100%
  • Sub-Attributes: 15%
  • Skills: 100%
  • Gifts/Drawbacks: 10%
  • Gloves: 60%

There’ll be a few stragglers in terms of Gifts/Drawbacks based on how monsters end up looking once they are done. The above percentages are the trainers only. The monsters are a whole other bag. Wish me luck!

Until next time.