Call for GenCon 2015 GMs

Hello everyone!

Third Eye Games is currently looking for volunteer GMs to help us out with running some of our games for GenCon 2015. We had 4 volunteers last year, which allowed us to have a great showing for AMP: Year One, as well as run a plethora of sessions for our other gamelines. Everyone walked away a winner and it was awesome.

Now, for 2015, we need even more help. The demand for more 3EG games is out there, so here’s what I need from you if you’re interested:

  1. What game(s) you’d like to run
  2. How many sessions (of each game) you’re up for running
  3. Any particular days/times you won’t be available?

Running a certain number of games (3 standard 4-hour games, I believe, is the magic number) means you’ll receive a GM-badge for free, as well. Not to mention free swag from Third Eye Games for helping us out. If you were already planning on running one of our games anyway, definitely contact us. We can make your game official and get you free stuff.

If you are interested, please email me at so I can add you to the list of GMs. Feel free to use that email to send any questions you may have about the process as well.

Until next time.