Big Bads

I’ve been working on monsters for Camp Myth: The RPG (which is one of my favorite things to do). Balancing them is always a trick but it makes for some great game design fun! You end up with one creature that is weak physically but pretty cool thematically and one monster that so your powerhouse.

In this case, we have the Dragon as the lost powerful monster in Camp Myth. It fits the setting perfectly and it’s a great challenge for players to rise to over time.

I thought I’d share what the dragon looks like for those who are interested.


CR: 6, Hits: 15
These scaled tyrants are every bit as powerful as their legends imply. Dragons come in a variety of colors and sizes, but all are vicious, fire-breathing monsters who live for the thrill of battle. While Dragons are typically too dangerous to keep inside the grounds, they sometimes manage to stumble upon the camp. Unfortunately, not all campers manage to stick around by the time the creature leaves…
– Scorching Fury (+2W): It engulfs an area in fire, hitting one addition target for every 2 success they get. For instance, rolling 4 successes deals 4 Health damage to 2 targets, while rolling 6 successes deals 6 Health damage to 3 targets. Any combustibles catch fire as well, and anyone hit is considered Burned (page xxx).
– Blazing Rage (+2W): The Dragon gains a bonus to all rolls if it is angered. This is very easy to do.
– Unstoppable Might: Any success with a claw or tail attack counts as 2 successes.
– Dragon Scales (+3W): Their tough scales give a bonus to avoid damage.

Until next time.